How will you help me?

Consider me your organizing buddy.  Together we will tackle the job and stay with it until it is complete.

The first step is an assessment, whether by phone or in person, we will determine your goals.   We will prioritize what you want to accomplish and determine a solution that is comfortable for you.  Then we are ready to begin!

To every job I come equipped with my organizing abilities as well as having thoroughly researched our project.  I can offer you a wide variety of resources from my extensive research.  Whether it be sources of organizing solutions, charities who might be interested in those things you would like to find a loving home for or the proper recycling venue, I have a source.

Every job is unique and we will apply good organizing principles and put things in order to your comfort and satisfaction.   I will not expect you to fit into my predetermined solution but rather customize a solution that works in your lifestyle.

Once we are finished, you will be able to enjoy more serenity and productivity.  That’s a promise.